Monday, November 7, 2011

Kickstarter Roundup

Hey folks,

To make up for the late review this week, I've decided to get you a list of the latest and greatest games on Kickstarter. If you don't know what Kickstarter is, it's a website that offers developers a chance to independently fund their projects. Projects range from movies to businesses, and anything in between. Most important to us here are the games, of course! Games like Alien Frontiers, Eaten By Zombies!, and Eminent Domain have all been made possible by Kickstarter.

Here's a list of what I believe are the best games on Kickstarter. Some are ending soon, some have nearly two months; some are funded, and some could use your help. Go spend some money!

D-Day Dice
D-Day Dice is a dice game set in World War Two. Players are Allied soldiers, rolling dice to perform actions on their turn. In an abstract sense, it's a resource management game. The game looks incredibly well produced, and I'm a sucker for dice games. Follow this for more info.

Empires of the Void
Empires of the Void is a 4X game promising several paths to victory and emphasizing theme. Each player chooses a unique race and begins the game. Want politics? Got it. Want tech trees? They're here. How about exploration? You betcha. And conflict, gotta have the conflict right? Of course. Check it out, here.

Islandis: A World of Lucidia Boardgame

Islandis looks like a modern gem. It's a big box game that blends together the mechanics of some amazing euro games into what looks like a wonderfully original package. It's got worker placement, dice, resource management and more. To help fund this game, go here.

Kings of Air and Steam

Kickstarter veterans Tasty Minstrel Games return after their incredibly succesful Eminent Domain for round two. Kings of Air and Steam is a steampunk route management game involving trains and airships and the delivery of goods. Each player takes control of one of 12 (maybe more depending on funding) characters and begins the game. To get involved, go here.

Miskatonic School for Girls

I love H.P. Lovecraft. He was a revolutionary writer and birthed the modern horror. This game is based in the Cthulhu mythos, but with a fun twist. In Miskatonic School for Girls, each player represents a house (a la Harry Potter) of students, and is trying to attract the best and brightest young girls. At its core, Miskatonic School for Girls is a deckbuilder but with the unique twist that you also build your opponents deck. On your turn, you buy new girls for your house and faculty, who are actually beasts of the Mythos in disguise. Each player's house begins the game with 20 sanity, the last house with any sanity is the winner. For more information, go here.

Sanitarium is a survival-horror adventure card game (thats a mouthful) set in a sanitarium. The players are trying to find their three Safe Items in order to regain their sanity and escape the terrifying sanitarium. The game is a quick "superfiller" for 1-4 players, and is produced by Asmadi, the producers of Innovation. Want to get a copy? Go here.

Survival Camp

Survival Camp is a card game set in a zombie apocalypse. On a player's turn, the player rolls a die which dictates the action now available to him/her. The ultimate goal is to build four out of the five tasks available to you. Each task requires a certain amount of resources, which can be drawn from the deck or stolen from the other player. Support this innovative new game here.

Zong Shi

Zong Shi is Gryphon Games' second endeavor on Kickstarter. This marks a trend of bigger companies looking to Kickstarter to help offset costs. Love it or hate it, it's a cheap way to get an awesome looking game. In Zong Shi, players take on the role of aspiring master craftsmen. Through the game, players will be trying to create their masterpieces by collecting the needed resources. Get a copy here.

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